Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Can a student who is a citizen of any country outside the U.S. be considered for this scholarship? Yes
  • Can a student who has dual U.S./other country citizenship be considered for this scholarship? No
  • Can a student who already has a B.A. or a B.S. degree be considered for this scholarship? No
  • How do I apply for this scholarship? Simply apply to Duke University
  • What makes me a good candidate for this scholarship? Strong academic preparation and documented need for financial aid
  • Does that mean that I will need to complete the financial aid forms? Yes
  • Are all of the Duke application and financial aid forms available online? Yes
  • Can I be nominated for this scholarship? No
  • What does it cover? Your tuition, room and board, mandatory fees, demonstrated need that exceeds those costs, and three summers of funding (up to $7000) for research, unpaid internships, and other opportunities that will advance your academic career.
  • What does it provide beyond financial assistance? A cohort of students from all over the world, a faculty advisor, a graduate student mentor, and additional mentoring support from the Office of Undergraduate Scholars and Fellows.

Extras Information

Up to $7000 can be used during the summers prior to graduation for a variety of educational enrichment activities: from working at a laboratory at Duke University or elsewhere, to pursuing an internship in the private or government sector, to engaging in service work or independent research. With the help of the Karsh faculty director, the graduate assistant, and faculty mentors or advisors, Karsh International Scholars will be supported in thinking creatively and planning wisely about these summer opportunities.

All Karsh International Scholars will find themselves in an academic support community specifically engaged in global dialogue and in highlighting the presence of world-wide students on the Duke campus.

During the regular school year, Karsh International scholars can also expect the EXTRA of meals together and with faculty mentors, regular meetings with the graduate assistant, guest speakers, and the occasional field-trip.

As a merit scholarship, the Karsh program has the added benefit of the scholar-community network housed in the Office of Undergraduate Scholars and Fellows.